We All Need A Good Laugh
JUNE 4-7, 2020
Directed by Jessica Swanson
Conceived by Jessica Swanson
CAST + CREW: Justin Stephens, Krista Choate, Sam Barrasso, Portia Joy Glommen, Dakota Johnson, Anakay Hanold, Samantha Abbey, Bird Cassidy, Bryce Merrill, Gavin Roberts, Chase Chavez, Evan Donelson, Kyra Pierson, Jessica Swanson, Tyler Phillips
A Midsummer Night's Quarantine
July 9-12, 2020
Directed by Tyler Phillips
Adapted and Ruined by Tyler Phillips
CAST: Jessica Swanson, Portia Joy Glommen, Jordan Hull, Kyra Pierson, Anakay Hanold, Gavin Roberts, Chase Chavez, Brandon Metoyer, Kirsten Lang, Sara Stephenson, Jack McCarthy, Cole Johnson
The Part That Got Away: A Virtual Cabaret
July 18 - 26, 2020
Directed by Jessica Swanson
CAST: Alice Malakhov, Alyse Neubert, Amanda Peterson, Andrew Nietes, Brandon Michaud, Brittany Ambler, Brittany Mendoza-Pena, Charles Ray King Jr., Courtney Holifield, David Sollish, Dongwoo Kang, Hallie Hannum, Henry Lombardo, Hope Johansen, Jessica Swanson, Jordan Golomb, Justin Stephens, Kaitlyn Serketich, Lavour Addison, Lily Morgan, Linda Swanson Brown, Louisa Lauren, Maya Encila, Mica Dominguez-Robinson, Michael Davis Arnold, Rebecca Borowik, Robertus Darren Radyan, Su Teatro Company
Pop Rock Broadway Vocal Masterclass
June 20, 2020
Taught by Desi Oakley + Krystina Alabado
Each student performed their 32-bar cut of music and received feedback from Desi and Krystina. The focus was on: overall performance, vocal technique, vocal styling, acting, audition technique, pop/rock style, and much more. Each student will get one-on-one time, and all students will watch each performance to learn from each other! The class ended with a conversational Q&A where students could ask Desi and Krystina questions about pop/rock singing styles, the business, Broadway shows, or anything that came to mind.
Dream Cabaret
August 13 -16, 2020
Directed by Jessica Swanson
CAST: Jacob Brelsford, Dario Carmelo Correa, Skylar Daniels, Evan Donelson, Lucia Graves, Emma Hardy, Cassie Hooper, Hazel Kachline, Tahlia Knoshaug, Allison Megee, Saige Pierson, Ella Smith
When We Were Stars
Orion Cast Director: Kirsten Lang
Ursa Cast Director: Tyler Phillips
Written by Tyler Phillips
URSA CAST: Gavin Roberts, Jack McCarthy, Angelica Rivera, Dallas Ensing, Kirsten Lang, Abby Hazlett, and Helen Erickson as The Cellist. ORION CAST: John Squires, Victor Velasquez, Matthew Fagerberg, Alex O'Shea, Maya Encila, Ashley Oviedo, and Helen Erickson as The Cellist.
Dance From Broadway
September, 2020
Taught by Jessica Swanson
Want to learn the dances you love from legendary shows shows like A Chorus Line, Hamilton, Moulin Rouge and more? Join NextStage for our first monthly series of specialized skill courses! This September, learn the classic jazz and tap steps from “I Hope I Get It” and “Anything Goes”. Each class will contain 30 minutes of dancer stretch and strengthen exercises and an hour of learning original Broadway choreography.
Dulce Desesperación
September, 2020
Directed by Hugo Carbajal
Written by Iliana Lucero Barron
CAST: Aran Bernades, Gisel Murillo, Sedrick Cabrera, Jésica Terry, Jonathan Contreras, Tony Ortega, Yeraldi Saenz, Cesar Reyes, Héctor Zavala
We Breed Monsters
September, 2020
Directed by Jessica Swanson
Written by Kevin Douglas
CAST: Angelica Rivera, Jon Beeler, Maria Hendricks, Brandon L Gilbert, Matthew Fagerberg, Jeorge Bennett Watson, Nicole Marie Hunt
Reasons to Go to New Jersey
September, 2020
Directed by Angelica Rivera
Written by Felicity Winter
CAST: Nina Mahdavi, Gareth Daniel, Iván Carlo, Laurie Kirk, Grace Meyers, Maya Encila, Katia Smith, Elizabeth Claflin
Shelter From the Rain
September, 2020
Written and Directed by Dallas Ensing
CAST: Sienna Singh and Jessica Erin Swanson
Masks Off: A Virtual Comedy Special
October 16 + 17, 2020 6:30pm MST
MC: Angelica Rivera
Featuring Benji GarciaReyes, Ilana Degann, Reed Rosenberg, Angelica Rivera, Max Halpert, Alan Massenburg and Lorelai Hibbard on October 16th + Erik Scott, DD Stepps, Tyrel Earnest, Rahul Gajasamharamoorthy, Sam Sims, and Dan Levin on October 17th
The Vegetable
November 2, 2020
Adapted and Directed by Tyler Phillips
Written by F. Scott Fitzgerald
CAST: Chase Chavez, Taylor Congdon, Georgia Waehler, Nick Freedson, Ben Connor
Radial Gradient
November 9, 2020
Directed by Gaby Godinez
Written by Jasmine Sharma
New Sounds of The Season
ON DEMAND December 24th - 31st
Directed by Jessica Swanson
SONGS BY: Eddie Bean, Becca Blackmore, Julian Blackmore, Bryan Blaskie, Susan L. Borowski, Lisa Brigantino, Brandon Brush, Omar Camps-Kamrin, Lara Cody, Andrew Zachary Cohen, Trenton Robinson Cokley, Sydney E. Crutcher, Freddy Curci, Trey Curtis, Nathan Dennis, Michael Dilthey, Brian Leahy Doyle, Andrew Fox, Cristina Franciosa, Laurie Hochman, Sara Horton, J Quinton Johnson, Ted Kociolek, Justin Anthony Long, George Luton, Alison O'Brien, James Racheff, Steven Silverstein, Johnson Trent, Melanie Wiggins
The Last One Out Of Christmastown
NOVEMEBER 23, 2020
Written/Directed by Tyler Phillips
CAST: Una Ahac, Greyson Rasmussen, Elizabeth Bigham, Caylyn Kelly, Ziga Poromon, Lindsey Hull, Tristan Hagen, Kaleb Dufrene, Ryan Grant, Keiko Tani
Short Plays for Young Adults
December 7, 2020 + NOW ON DEMAND
Kaleb Dufrene
Directed by Jessica Swanson
and Angelica Rivera
Written by Ryan Comer, Grace Everett, and Kaleb Dufrene
CAST: Brandon Searle, Rose Bonino, Kaley Oneill, Colin Kinnick, Isabella Tecson, Asha Devi, Una Ahac, Persia Zurita, Mirabella Petruzzi, Grace Lapides, Caylyn Kelly, Vanessa Brown, Ziga Poromon, Holly Connor, Julia Ruth Patella, Erin Downey, Taliyah Campbell
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