Short Plays for Young Adults: Tickets
"HOME" - Chris and Randy are finally back home from school and wait for the other to call. They argue with their consciences' on how to handle the situation. "ICE CREAM FRIDAY" - Two best friends struggle with ending high school virtually and accepting a new friend into their friend group. "SCREENS CAN ONLY DO SO MUCH" - The average person spends 3 hours a day on their phone. That adds up to 7 years of our lives spent pointlessly starring at a screen. What has to happen for us to finally put down the phone? Is this technology really making us better?
December 7, 2020 - 6:30 PM MST
The NextStage Virtual Studio
Directed by J Swanson, A Rivera, and K Dufrene
Written by R Comer, G Everett, and K Dufrene
CAST: Brandon Searle, Rose Bonino, Kaley Oneill, Colin Kinnick, Isabella Tecson, Asha Devi, Una Ahac, Persia Zurita, Mirabella Petruzzi, Grace Lapides, Caylyn Kelly, Vanessa Brown, Ziga Poromon, Holly Connor, Julia Ruth Patella, Erin Downey, Taliyah Campbell
$ 10.00 USD
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