The Last One Out Of Christmastown: ON DEMAND
THIS PLAY IS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE TO VIEW ON-DEMAND: If the entire economy of your town is based off of a super extra outdoor Holiday Festival that exists between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, then you are from Christmastown, Ohio. Each year, the senior class of Christmastown Senior High is tasked with producing the state-famous Christmas Eve Concert. In 2012, an unlikely group of detention-bound students work together to create the most bizarre event the town has ever seen. This third production of Christmastown will be specifically designed for the virtual stage. When you purchase a ticket for THE LAST ONE OUT OF CHRISTMASTOWN, you can also choose to make an additional contribution to NextStage that helps us continue our tradition of producing paid performance opportunities for independent artists around the world.
The NextStage Virtual Studio
Written/Directed by Tyler Phillips
STARRING: Una Ahac, Greyson Rasmussen, Elizabeth Bigham, Caylyn Kelly, Ziga Poromon, Lindsey Hull, Tristan Hagen, Kaleb Dufrene, Ryan Grant, Keiko Tani
$ 10.00 USD
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