Looking Glass World: Tickets
NextStage Theatre Company continues to push the boundaries of virtual theatre with Looking Glass World, an interactive, choose-your-own-journey style digital production. With over 1000 scripted variations that can take place at each performance, the audience controls the plot in this larger than life saga, inspired by Lewis Carroll’s “Alice” universe. 9 actors perform over seventy roles live with the assistance of state-of-the-art technology, digital costumes, virtual set pieces, and augmented reality. Check out the TICKET GUIDE below to see what combination of tickets is best for your viewing experience. PLEASE NOTE: The closing performance of this show (Feb 7) airs at 12:30P MST. This performance will have alternate endings, "deleted scenes", cast additions, and more. What we call the "Looking Glass World: James P Fork Cut" is rated PG-13 for language and violent imagery involving beloved characters.

Follow this guide to make the most of your LOOKING GLASS WORLD experience


Your "Base Ticket" allows you to watch the show via YouTube Live. On the day of the performance, our team will send you a secret link to access that day's performance. You will need an "Interactive Ticket" to take part in the unique audience participation experience that controls the outcome and journey of our show's characters.


When you purchase an "Interactive Ticket" you will become a member of a very exclusive group of patrons that determines which of the hundreds of variations of the show our audience sees. You even get to be seen onscreen seven times during the show where, along with other members of the Interactive Team, you take part in a live vote to determine what happens next in the play! You need two devices to take advantage of your Interactive Ticket:

  • ONE device to watch the show on. The show will be broadcast on YouTube Live. You can use a phone, computer, or tablet that has access to YouTube
  • ONE device, equipped with a webcam

Only 11 Interactive Tickets are available for each performance!

January 28-February 6: Thursdays-Sundays at 6:30P MST - February 7 at 12:30PM MST (Extended Version, Rated PG-13)
The NextStage Virtual Studio
Written and Directed by Tyler Phillips
Original Music by Curtis Hart
Music Direction by Angelica Rivera
Art Direction by Sara Stephenson
Inspired by the writings of Lewis Carroll
CAST: Una Ahac, Skylar Daniels, Hazel Kachline, Keiko Tani, Greyson Rasmussen, Jack McCarthy, Lindsey Hull, Ziga Poromon, Tahlia Knoshaug (on Jan 29, Jessica Swanson)
$ 15.00 USD
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