The Vegetable: Tickets
F. Scott Fitzgerald’s only full-length play is this three act, nearly one hundred year old farce about an inexperienced, narcissistic, and delusional man who becomes President and nearly deconstructs the entire country by appointing unfit family members to office and making rash decisions to protect his power. Some work just stands the test of time, yeah? According to our NextStage research, this rare work has only been produced a few times since its 1929 closing on Broadway. Our team is breathing new life into this piece on Election Night-Eve as we virtually present it in a visual-radio-play format with original piano music interludes and a 1920’s virtual costume contest. When you purchase a ticket for THE VEGETABLE, you can also choose to make an additional contribution to NextStage that helps us continue our tradition of producing paid performance opportunities for independent artists around the world.
November 2, 2020 - 6:30PM MST
The NextStage Virtual Studio
Adapted and Directed by Tyler Phillips
Written by F. Scott Fitzgerald
CAST: Chase Chavez, Taylor Congdon, Georgia Waehler, Nick Freedson, Ben Connor
$ 10.00 USD
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